VersionUpdate notes
v1.2Added – UI scaling in settings.
UI – pushed a few stray pixels into place.
v1.1Added – BTC/fiat converter.
Added – settings button.
Added – button to backup all user data.
Added – button to delete all transactions in one go.
UI – improved initial appearance when no transactions present.
UI – darker outline around all of Cubit’s hints, comments, etc.
UI – cleaner icons on top row.
UI bugfix – a couple of buttons weren’t being disabled correctly when the summary panel was visible. They now are.
Chart bugfix – Mouseover value for price when viewing linear scale chart now only displays 2 decimal places.
v1.03Summary – Total fiat amount spent now correctly shows 2 decimal places.
v1.02Chart – price line is drawn on top of buy and sell transaction bubbles to avoid obscuration when there are many transactions.
Chart – expand animation speeded up. Shrink animation removed.
Transaction List – expand and shrink animations removed.
v1.01Bug fix – Price line (linear & log) now renders correctly after multiple transaction additions in one session.
v1.0When using a non-USD currency and the purchase/sale price of a transaction is unknown, the estimate is now provided in the selected currency.
All statements containing monetary amounts in Cubit’s speech bubbles now show the correct symbol for the selected currency.
v0.92Currency symbol now displays before the current price after refreshing the current price.
v0.91Improved date validation.
Improved error handling during price estimation.
UI – minor spacing issue corrected in expanding chart panels.
UI – fixed overlay issue when viewing a transaction label.
UI – increased contrast on text colours.
v0.9Initial release